We’ve got a Puppy! Meet Oscar.


Happy times at Links House! It’s been just over a year since we lost Spot and we said we’d never get another dog. Spot may have been a small dog but he left a big hole. But time is a great healer and we really do love dogs so we found ourselves increasingly looking at dogs […]

We’ve got a Wind Turbine!

Erecting Turbine

Our wind turbine was installed yesterday so we were in a bit of turmoil with installation engineers in and out, but certainly worth it. It has been online for just over 14 hours (commissioned around 6PM yesterday) and in that time has generated 36.5kWh of electricity, result! This will have a huge impact on our […]

Mood Boards

Developing a MoodBoard Certificate of Completion

Mood boards are a great tool to help develop a general look and feel “mood” for a design. Mood boards are often used by graphics designers to illustrate a visual style or direction for a project, they are a collection of fonts, colours, images or really any objects that serve to illustrate or establish a […]

Google Cultural Institute

Google Art Project

I’ve discovered something amazing! It’s probably been around ages, but it’s new to me. And, it’s amazing. I’ve just finished a Lynda.com course on digital painting and in the closing presentation the tutor mentioned other useful/interesting resources.  Amongs other one was the Google Art Project. The Google Art Project is part of Google’s mission to […]

In Memory of Spot…

[wowslider id=”1″]Very sad day today at Links House. We have had to say goodbye to our little dog Spot. Little dog, big heart. We’ve always had dogs but Spot was our first small dog. A lap dog, pah! what a waste of space they are, no use for anything! My how wrong can one be? […]