Bells and Whistles (Features)

There are more bells and whistles available for web pages than colours in the rainbows, but they aren’t necessarily good to have. If one isn’t carefulit is easy to get carried awy with these flashy addons display videos and sound effects distracting your user (site visitor) from your main content.

That said there are some staples that can add value to your pages. Shown below are some of the features that are popular and I believe useful if used in context.

Google Map

A map showing the location of your business is often worth adding to your website. Why settle for a static graphic when Google maps are so well used and understood.

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Google Street View

The subject of some heated debates on privacy, if it’s available in your area, Google Street View is none the less a good way to show potential visitors your location.

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Shown here is St Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall.


Although I would council the caution with regard to online booking that it can be onerous to keep up to date to avoid taking a duplicate booking, showing availability for holiday accommodation can be a real asset.



A slideshow can be a good way to display several images on a page with little text that might other wise look cluttered. The same eftect can be used to provide a dynamic header for your website.