About Me

phillI have been building websites since the mid-nineties, when I wrote and sold software to help manage factory maintenance.

I started building web sites full time as a self-employed freelancer when I moved to Orkney in 2003 with my wife and son.

I started my working life in factory maintenance as an electrician rising to the dizzy heights of Principal Engineer at McVities biscuits.

It is perhaps my experience in management at McVities that has most shaped how I work and the level of service that I provide today. I’m not exaggerating when I say that at McVities if we had an oven offline for more than thirty minute there was an inquest.

Spending many years working in environments where straight away is already too late, has imbued in me a sense of urgency.

I have brought this sense of urgency to my own business and I think it is fair to say that speed of service/response is the aspect of my service that most impresses my clients.

Speed of service was excellent. Everything was done on time or before that.
Britt Harcus – Artist and Illustrator

I have an office at home and work from there so tend to work whatever hours I need to for the job/s in hand.

I suppose the other aspect of my life I should share, that affects the way I work, is that I tend to be an early riser, very early, often at around 05:00. This actually works well for me as my wife is disabled and it gives time later in the day to keep an eye on her.

This also means that we tend to retire quite early so please try to avoid ringing in the evening unless by arrangement as you may well not get an answer.

In fact generally, email is the best way to get hold of me as I do check these very regularly, very regularly (I fear I may be an email addict!).

Email try not to phone; Phill says he doesn’t like phones.
Sandy McEwen – West Manse

So, there you have it that’s me. I’m the person you will be dealing with and I’d love to be given the opportunity to help you with your website requirements. I definitely won’t let you down and that’s a personal promise…