We’ve got a Puppy! Meet Oscar.

Happy times at Links House!

It’s been just over a year since we lost Spot and we said we’d never get another dog. Spot may have been a small dog but he left a big hole.

But time is a great healer and we really do love dogs so we found ourselves increasingly looking at dogs and thinking “I’d like a dog”. We didn’t want to replace Spot so we decided that if we did get another dog we would go back to a big dog (you can read my earlier views on small dogs in my “In Memory of Spot post” – follow link above).

So. Meet Oscar, a cross Alaskan Malumute/German Shepherd.

He’s just coming up to eight weeks old and is a proper little cutey (although that will change quite quickly).

I’d swear he’s grown since we picked him up on Friday. In truth I suspect he is just standing taller. Friday was a stressful day for him, parted from his mum, then mobbed by every passer by in the town as they pretty much all went “Oh! Puppy, puppy, puppy!” and had to have a stroke. Then the ferry home. Then, to top it all off five cats waiting to gang up on him (though to be fair they were equally cautious).

Now… It’s definitely his house. He’s walking tall and into everything. It’s like having kids again, we’re wandering round picking up things to move then out of reach!

He’s demolished a couple of plants in the garden room which he thought was great fun and was small price to pay to make him feel at home.

While we were in the garden room I trimmed the grape vine and he grabbed every cutting as I dropped it on the floor, trotted off to the corner of the room, ripped the leaves off then came back for another.

Yep, Oscar has arrived.

We’ll never forget Spot and don’t want to, but Oscar is going to bring us so much pleasure. A life without dogs is empty.

To any non dog lover reading this post in confusion I say, get a dog, then you’ll understand.