Are you still using Windows XP? You need to upgrade NOW

I know that I have users that are still using Windows XP. They are clinging onto it because Vista had such bad rap.

I must confess I have tried Windows 8 on my laptop and hated it. Hated it with a passion, so much that I uninstalled it and went back to Windows 7.

I think Windows 7 was the best Windows yet.

But wait I hear my XP using clients say, “what’s wrong with just sticking with XP”, “We love it!”.

Well… On April 8th Microsoft will be stopping all support for XP, That’s no more upgrades, no more bug fixes, no more security patches, nothing, finished, over…

It is anticipated that this could be the moment that hackers and hi-tech thieves have been waiting for as security will no longer be updated.

You can read a more in depth article on this at

So come on take the plunge, do an upgrade (just don’t pick Windows 8).