Alan Sugar: What You See Is What You Get

What You See is What You Get‘Brash and bold are two adjectives used to describe this ruthless businessman turned TV personality. But Lord Sugar is a self-made man and one of Britain’s finest business brains. His story so far is inspirational to the end.’ –The Sun

‘Sugar is unusual among celebrity memoirists in that he’s a clever man who has done a lot with his life, and the tale of his rise from nothing, and nowhere is genuinely revealing.’ –Private Eye

‘He tells the story with characteristic wit and honesty, adding enough juicy bits of gossip to keep non-business readers onside. Having set the task of writing and marketing a bestselling book there’s little doubt he’ll be on the winning team.’ –Director Magazine

‘I’m addicted to autobiographies and What You See Is What You Get is one of the best i’ve read. Love him or loathe him, Baron Sugar of Clapton is the walking, snarling embodiment of all the values he espouses on The Apprentice. He believes in loyalty, hard work, looking after your family and enjoying your success. His rise to success from a tiny council house in East London is extraordinary and he tells it in the kind of blunt, no-nonsense way that has made him such a hit on television.’ –Piers Morgan, Mail on Sunday

‘Anyone reading an autobiography of Alan Sugar will want to glean some of his business savvy. And he delivers. Even his section on running Tottenham Hotspur FC provides insights into his attitudes and working methods.’ –Sunday Herald

‘Aspiring entrepreneurs will welcome the business advice that is ladled out liberally.’ –Sunday Telegraph

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