In Memory of Spot…

[wowslider id=”1″]Very sad day today at Links House.

We have had to say goodbye to our little dog Spot.

Little dog, big heart.

We’ve always had dogs but Spot was our first small dog.

A lap dog, pah! what a waste of space they are, no use for anything! My how wrong can one be?

Spot stole our hearts, always there wherever we went, whatever we were doing.

Spot hated busy; Spot liked reading, and sewing, and watching telly, anything that involved sitting in someone’s lap. If not that then of course his absolute fave was helping in the kitchen, that warranted some dedicated attention.

At bedtime Spot was like a little thermometer –

  • warm: up  by the pillows between mine and Marlene’s heads,
  • hot: bottom of the bed between our feet,
  • cold: deep under the duvet between us both for maximum heat and comfort.

Spot really, REALLY didn’t like being on his own.

Always a companion 24/7 he will be very sorely missed.

Sad day today at Links House…

Update June 2014 – Time as they say is a great healer so see – We’ve got a Puppy! Meet Oscar