How Google Works…

I am regularly asked by my clients to add their website to the top of Google’s page…

Well of course everyone wants that, or at least thinks they want that. I say “thinks they want that” because the request is way too broad…

  • Which Google page?
  • For what search term?
  • What are search terms anyway…?

I usually try to explain how Google works and discuss what they probably really need/want for their specific website. I’ll probably point them at my previous articles on Google too (listed at the end of this one).

Recently I was looking at Google’s webmaster tools and came across some training pages and videos that the Google engineers have put together and thought that some of them might be worth sharing.

This first one covers how Google works. It’s non technical overview of what happens when a user searches Google and provides a valuable insight that will help you to understand what you need to have on your website to help it to perform well on Google.

I hope that you have found this video useful and enlightening.

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