How to Do Everything and be Happy: Review

61U8QsBEQjL-198x300I came across How to Do Everything and Be Happy when browsing Kindle books the other day. I must confess I thought that this was by the Peter Jones on Dragons Den so downloaded the sample (a great feature of the Kindle store on Amazon).

Of course by now you’ll have guessed that the author is a different Peter Jones, but I had the sample now and it turned out to be a really good read, so much so that I bought a copy.

Most self-help/lifestyle management books seem to be by American authors and can be a bit sugary for us Brits. Peter Jones is an Englishman living in London and so some of his dry humour works really well for a British audience (well it did for me).

I liked his system regarding “boxing days” his term for unplanned days off for relaxing. You’ll have to read the book to find out why he calls them boxing days. Suffice to say that after reading this particular chapter I promptly downed tools and with my wife went off for a fish and chip lunch at Noup Head, where we sat on the cliffs edge, well near it anyway, and ate our fish and chips out of the paper watching seagulls. We haven’t done this for ages and it was just such a nice break.

Now this wasn’t really a “boxing day” as per Peter’s book, but it was a “boxing couple of hours” and at least embraced the principle.

This book is an easy and enjoyable read; I read it from front to back in a couple of days.

I don’t suppose I will wholly embrace every one of Peter’s suggestion, to the letter as my lifestyle is rather different to most live on a small island. And, indeed, one of the refreshing and unusual (for this type of book) things about this book is Peters recognition that this might be the case.

An area if lifestyle that “How to Do Everything and be Happy” very much majors on is the use of a diary and lists to get control of your life.

I already love lists and use a diary as I subscribe to David Allen’s Getting Things Done method of time/life management.

In fact Peter Jones refers to Getting Things Done by David Allen, and I must admit that whilst I have read many web posts and articles about the Getting Things Done methodology by David Allen, I’ve never read the actual book.

Hmm, I’m thinking this could be my next book…

Oh, and one last thing. The Kindle version of How to Do Everything and Be Happy only costs £1.99 so it’s hardly a major buying decision.