Goodbye iGoogle, Hello Netvibes

I have been using iGoogle for some time now as my browser Home page.

iGoogle is handy in that it allows me to bring a variety of tools and information from around the web all into one page in the form of widgets, my iGoogle page shown below shows me at a glance, and importantly whenever I open my browser, the local weather, Google and BBC news, an overview of my Gmail account, Date and time here and in Delware (don’t ask why), and other little snippets some frivolous.


So, that’s super smashing great, except…

Google have announced that they intend to stop providing the service. Now this won’t happen until November 2013 so there’s plenty of time to find alternatives.

It’s a rainy Sunday morning so I thought now would be as good a time  as any to look for an alternative.

Enter Netvibes.

Netvibes offers the same sort of functionality and then some!

I’ve only had a quick play with Netvibes, but I’m liking what I’ve seen so far. It has a lot of functionality with many widgets and feeds available. You cans et up your own feeds if you have one that you want to watch that isn’t in their list.

The layout of the page can be changed so you can have 1 – 4 column even mixed columns. You can even have multiple tabs if you have a lot of feeds/widgets and need to spread them across more than one page.

Now I must add that there are some paid for options with added features, but there is a free option (that’s what I’ve got) that does pretty much everything the average user is likely to want.

So there you go, this is my new browser Home page


I like it. Have a look at Netvibes, you might too.