Get to The Point!

writing and revisingPeople use the Internet to get information and they’re impatient. If you don’t give them what they want straight away or at least make that promise, they will move straight on to the next website. After all it’s only a click away, the dreaded ‘back’ button looms ever present over you’re your pages.

Each page should only be about one thing. Check each of your pages, does the content reflect what the page is meant to be about.

Unless your site happens to be specifically a literary website: clear and concise is better than eloquent and verbose.
Your page must convey everything it needs to, of course, but short sentences and bullet points will help to make your pages easier to read and browse.

If you can say the same with fewer words then do it, as [credit here] say’s don’t look for what you can add, look for what you can take away. When you can’t take any more words off the page without it losing its meaning you’re there.
So how do your write this clear and concise content.

Well, for myself I certainly can’t do it off the top of my head. I imagine most can’t.

I start by just blasting away at the keyboard with no care for spelling, grammar or being concise. I need to just get my thoughts down while they are in my head – I’m getting old!

Then I look up from the keyboard, I’m no touch typist, and spot all the obvious mistakes; they’re the ones with the red and green lines under them 😉 and sort them out.

Next I look through the text for highfaluting, jargon or long words that can be removed or made shorter or simpler.

Finally, I go back through the text just removing words wherever any words I can. See what I mean?