Registration Expiration Notice – Another Scam?

reg-renew-scam2I posted a while back about Domain Services trying to con people into inadvertently moving their domains.

I’ve recently had a couple of registration expiration notices through from another company. Well of course, I’m assuming it is another company who an say, these guys cover their tracks so well (don’t expect the email address or web address to take you anywhere useful).

Nowhere in the actual email do the company actually provide their name. The renewal link appears to go to but this in turn goes somewhere else. The physical address is a PO Box, generally a bad sign.

If you get one of these my advice would definitely be to bin it. If you are at all concerned about the renewal of your domain get in touch with whoever you know that you have your domain registered with. They should be the ones renewing your domain.

This is no different to the many emails that one gets about imminent closure of bank accounts that you don’t have. Their success relies on fear of loss.

I would always treat any unsolicited contact about any of my accounts, be they domain, bank, hosting, puppy training club, whatever… with dubious caution.

It is so easy to disguise (URLs) web addresses the even if the email was so well worded as to make me think it may be valid, I would still never follow the included links. I would always open my web browser and manually access the relevant account using a web address and account details that I knew to be correct.

So, please be cautious with  the renewal notices they are almost always scams aimed at tricking you into moving your domain.

Worse still some (from the bit of research I’ve done) it would seem don’t even do that, they just take the money and do nothing, after all your genuine registrar will renew your domain anyway. Actually I’m not sure is this is worse, at least you keep your domain!