50 Ways to Make Google Love Your Website – Review

loveGoogleI’ve been reading 50 Ways to Make Google Love Your website and have recommended it directly to a couple of my clients so I thought that perhaps I should add a post about it to my Blog.

I really enjoyed this book.

It is easy to read and really is full of useful information to help you to not only make Google love your website but to help you to make your website do it’s job of promoting your products or subject to both Google and real people.

Performing well on Google and indeed any other search provider is not about black magic and trickery, it is about providing trustworthy, relevant content that Google’s end user (the person performing the search) will find useful and want to investigate further. Which as it happens is the person you want to visit your website too.

This book will show you how to make sure that your page content is optimised for both Google and the reader.

For me one of the things that I like best about this book is the number of time that I found myself nodding and think ‘yes of course, that makes perfect sense’. I was an enjoyable and enlightening read.

There are of course sections for the technically savvy that go into the technical details of keyword evaluation and analysis so the web designers and keyword tinkerers will be happy too, but I can’t over emphasise the amount of business relevant information there is in this book to.

As they say –

“It is at this point that we usually jump up and down in meetings with businesses who are trying to do SEO better. We’re jumping up and down because we are trying to ram home the simple fact that SEO has stepped beyond the remit of the IT or marketing teams and into the executive, and nobody was expecting that. Acquiring a competitive share of the natural visits that Google refers to websites in any sector requires a pursuit of online excellence which is always more commercial and operational than is expected. IT and marketing can only hope to influence such a pursuit, never attain it on their own. So before you do anything else – if you are not already part of your executive – try and schedule a meeting where you can introduce the idea that ‘SEO is going to involve a bit more than we anticipated.'”

“It really is all about content” – my two penneth.

You can buy 50 Ways to Make Google Love Your Website at Amazon. At £6.38 for the paperback version and just £4.38 for the Kindle version, if you want to promote your website then this book really is a must buy.