Using QR Codes to promote your business

Okay, so what is a QR Code anyway?

imgQuick Response codes (QR Codes)  are a way to encode a variety of information into a small block of apparently random dots that people can scan with their smart phone.

You’re sure to have seen these strange little boxes popping up all over the place, from TV Guides to Posters, Business cards to brochures.

QR Codes can be encoded to contain various information but probably their most common use, and the one we’ll be exploring here, is to provide quick links to a website.

You should already be making sure that you include you website URL (address) on all of your promotional material, but people have to type that into their browser. By including a QR Code on you material people with smart phones (and the necessary app) can just scan the QR Code and be taken directly to your web page.

If you want to measure your QR Code’s performance just set up a unique web page that the code will pass people to and don’t list this page anywhere else (you’ll want this page to link to rest of your site of course – indeed it could just be a complete copy of you Home page). Now, by checking how many visitors that page has had you will know how many times your QR Code has been used.

For the tracking mad amongst us the possibilities are endless, one could even have a separate page and QR code for each promotion stream thereby monitoring their effectiveness.

Generate your own QR Code at Just select URL, enter the web address that you want the code to link to, select the size you want (probably small) and click generate. Just copy the image that is created, in Windows you can just drag it onto your desktop, then use it in your promotional material print layout.

If you’ve not got a QR code reader on your smart phone just search in your phones app store, itunes for the iphone or any of the various app sites for android there are lots of free readers to choose from.