Another Attempt to Trick You into Moving Your Domain!

domain-service-scam-249x300I received an email this morning from Domain Services and straight away it is recognisable as a scam!

A careful look over the document that one is meant to print and fill out before returning with payment does reveal that Domain Service AREN’T your registrar and that this is an invitation to move your domain from your current registrar to them.

The final clincher to the credibility of the company has to be  the likelihood of a legitimate domain registrar using a Hotmail email account for its business communications.

Any company that uses subterfuge like this to gain you business is unlikely to be very co-operative if you subsequently want to move your domain away from them in the future.

If you receive one of these emails look it over and consider careful before responding to it.

My advice DON’T DO IT!

By all means shop around and if you want to move your domain you can, but I would suggest it should always be at your own instigation. I don’t think any reputable domain registrar would go looking for business this way.