The Thank You Economy

the-thank-you-economyIt was nice to read recent post by Brandon Eley on one of the forums I read regularly that very much echos my own view of business. If other people are writing books about it I must be right!

Brandon attended the South by Southwest Interactive conference in Texas (I should be so lucky!) and heard Gary Vaynerchuk speak on his new book The Thank You Economy. I’ve not read the book, but it’s going on my list.

Vaynercuk posits that “The Thank You Economy” philosophy is simple – care. Don’t pretend to care, or simply do things that make it look like you care. Really care.

I’ll not repeat the whole post here, you can follow the link above if you would like to read the whole article, but it does echo my own view that good business is built on caring about your customers. Sincerely caring.

In a world where so many goods are mass produced, mass sold, discounted and undercut, etc. what sets a business apart is service. Good service, Sincerely caring service. People are what humanise a business and how they interact with us determines our view of the business that they work for.

Now, I know we’re not in America, and here in the UK insincere and gratuitus “Have a Nice day’s” just turn our stomach. But a sincere thank you for chosing you to provide goods or service is completely different.

The other day I had a card from someone I had just finished a website for, saying that they loved their new website and thanking me for my help. That wasn’t insincere, they’d taken the trouble to write out a small card and send it by post. I was made up, I’ve stuck it on my notice board!

Maybe they read the book. Naw… It hadn’t been published then. They must just be nice, or very good at business…

I already care very much about the success of the businesses that I prepare websites for, maybe I need to tell them that.