My Non Kindle – Kindle…

kindle3I liked the idea of  Amazon’s Kindle and thought I might treat myself to one for Christmas.

I can’t deny it I’m a bit of a techno geek. I like new toys…

I had a look at the Kindle when the new version came out and really liked the concept but wasn’t sure if I would stick with reading in electronic format over time. Fortunately Amazon provide Kindle software in various other formats so I was able to download the Kindle software onto my PC and give it a whirl.

As I also wanted to get an idea of what using an actual Kindle might be like I loaded the software onto my net-book as well.

I really like the Kindle software, it allows me to download boks onto my various machines, (I have it on my PC, Netbook and Scroll Table) and keeps track of where I’m up to in any book I’m reading and synchronises across the three machines.

The Kindle store has a growing list of Kindle compatible books available to purchase and download.

Another feature I like is that one can download a sample from the book to read first before deciding to buy.

The Kindle version is usually cheaper than the paperback version, but not much. That said I do like the fact that having chosen a book I can have it within seconds, well perhaps minutes depending on you book and connection speed!

So did Santa bring me a Kindle for Christmas. Well I suppose the title of this post gives it away. No he didn’t.

scrolltabletI’m so glad that I was able to try the system before buying a Kindle as the more I used the Kindle software on my PC and Net-book the more I realised that the monochrome display of the Kindle might be a problem for the sort of books that I read most.

I primarily read design books that are graphics rich and I think that the lack of colour when viewing for example webiste screenshots would be a real shortcoming.

So I opted for a Storage Options Scroll Tablet (which I bought from Amazon anyway, so they didn’t lose out). This is an Android device which is one of the formats that you can get the Kindle software in (so you can put it on your mobile if you like).

Of course the Scroll tablet can do more than just run the Kindle software, another advantage, and I did dabble briefly with various games, Google maps etc, but it does primarily get used for reading books and I am delighted with it.

I’ve even re-discovered leisure reading and am currently reading Alan Sugars autobiography which I’m thoroughly enjoying.