Website Linking Explained

By: Tom Dahne

A link in simple terminology is just like how many folks recognize you or linked with you inside your society or globally.

Whilst we talk about a site, here a link stands for how many websites are linked with your website. Correct link exchanges can be a significant factor in acquiring a good search engine ranking and also known as an off-page SEO technique.

You’ll be able to link your website with different sites by placing a link within their site or by putting the links of other peoples websites in your own sites. The following are a few common techniques utilized for link exchanges or link popularity:

One way linking, Two way linking, Three way linking or Reciprocal linking which option should you use on your websites.

There are two types of links which we could acquire through link exchanges, the first one of all is a superior link and the second one is a quantity link.

Superior Link: acquiring a link inside a quality website, which is having extremely relevant content and as well a good Page Rank, is called a quality link. 10 quality links are a lot more beneficial then 50 quantity links.

Quantity Link: Quantity links are links which you will be able to get easy through the free directories, unsuitable websites and free link directories. Quantity links are not as good as quality links.

Below are a few major things to keep in mind when exchanging links:

  1. The sites with who you exchange links with should be extremely relevant to your site.
  2. Websites should be unique in addition to having good content which is relevant too.
  3. Websites should not have more than 20 links on that particular page on which your link will be shown.
  4. The link page ought to be indexed in Google and in all additional major search engines too.
  5. The link page ought to be cached in Google and in all additional major search engines as well.
  6. The link should directly go to your site in stead of through any extra redirection technique.
  7. Your links anchor text ought to be a little bit descriptive in stead of merely containing a single keyword.
  8. Your hypertext or links anchor text should be meaningful and should apply a suitable knowledge about your site or service.
  9. Your links title ought to be followed by a meaningful and positive site description.
  10. Attempt to avoid linking through software it will be better if performed manually.

Always try to acquire quality links rather than quantity links, whenever your sites link is placed in a good quality website is passes on more importance to your website. Because as far as search engine rankings are concerned the off-page SEO is the most crucial boosting element for your website.

Therefore, try for quality links to make your site more popular in addition to making it more visible for Internet users.

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