Build it and they will come…

"Excellence" Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.

High quality sells its self. Oh no it doesn’t! Give me a good salesman over a good product anytime!

You can have the best picture, hotel, jewellery (name your own) in the world, if no-one knows about it you aren’t going to sell it. A statement of the obvious I know, but one worth making. Quality on its own just doesn’t cut it in sales.

But you know this don’t you, that’s why you want a website, to promte your product or service.

Unfortunately this isn’t just true of your base product, it’s true of your website too.

Your website exists to promote your product/business. But what about promoting your website? Just putting up a website and waiting for people to come won’t work. You wouldn’t open a new shop and just sit back waiting for passers by to notice your new shop, why so with your website?

You may have a super well designed website compliant with all the latest standards for accessibility etc, but if nobody knows that it exists no-one will come.

Submitting your new website to all the search engines in the world won’t do it either.

Like all of your other marketing you have to work at it.

Trawl the web yourself, ask as many appropriate website as you can to provide links to your website. They may well require reciprocal links, that’s o.k. Some may require a fee, you’ll obviously need to make a judgement call here as to how busy their website is and how many of their visitors are likely to be interested in your link.

Whilst you want as many inbound links to your website as you can get, they want to be good links, that is links from relevant sites. There really is limited value having a link from a site about vegetarianism to a butcher website!

The task continues offline too. Make sure that you include your web address on all of your offline material, stationary, business cards, adverts, flyer’s etc.

Monitor you web statistics if you can. See where visitors are comeing from and look for more sites like this to try and get more links. Look at the search terms they used and hone you page content to fit in with what people are looking for when they visit your website (see my post on Social Networking for Websites).

Keeping your website popular and attractive visitors that will buy your products or services is an ongoing task just like the rest of your marketing efforts.

Good Luck.