Social Networking for Websites (Search Engine Optimisation)

many 3d humans with empty chat bubbles

We all want our website to be well placed on search sites such as Google. Popularity for websites is much akin to popularity in real life.

In the battle for top position in the Search Engines maybe we can learn from the practice of good social networking.

Consider a party. One chap is twittering on about his super business, house, car etc. He’s name dropping in every other sentence and everyone is giving him a wide berth desperately trying not to get caught in the conversation. Nobody wants to listen to this bore.

Contrast this to the chap that is engaging everyone he meets in interesting conversation. He’s listening to what they’re saying and drawing people into the conversation with lively interesting and engaging chat. With the skill of a diplomat he weaves into the conversation, in an almost imperceptible way, the items that he wants people to take way from the conversation.

After the party everyone may well remember the bore but I bet they don’t know what he said. By contrast people will remember the words of the chap that engaged them in interesting conversation.

Everyone wants to figure prominently with search sites such as Google. Being popular for websites is very much like being popular in life.

People like interesting commentary, no-one likes blatant advertising.

Search engines love content, but it has to be useful and engaging content. Search engine are very smart now at differentiating between sensible relevant content and blatant repetitive advertising babble.

So, if you want to figure prominently in search engine results, make sure that your website has plenty of contextual, relevant content that is not just a list of blatant advertising phrases.