guaranteeYour website is important to you and you might be anxious as to what happens if you’re not happy with the design that I propose for your business. Don’t be…

I absolutely guarantee that I will work closely with you to provide a website that you are entirely happy with. I will carry out as many revisions as are required, including starting from scratch if that’s what it takes, until you are 100% happy with the final website. Only then will we make the website live.

I am a competent designer aiming to provide websites that comply with current standards using up to date techniques, you wouldn’t expect or accept anything less. But my real strength is customer service and on this verge being obsessive!

Finally once your website is live, I won’t just “walk away”.

I do offer a maintenance and support contract for those that need the added features that provides, but I will always be there to offer help and advice to my clients on an ongoing basis.

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